Play Atari Breakout

    You are too tired of the competitive life? You want to play a game to relax? If your answers for those questions are yes, Atari breakout should be your first choice.

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    Atari breakout is a very simple game. Its rule is easy to understand. In the game, you play with a red ball and a paddle. Your mission is to make the ball fly and bounce around the the flight, the ball has it owned mission, too. It has to touch all the blocks in the screen. Then, it falls down on to the bottom of the screen. You must catch the red ball so that it will not touch the bottom of the screen. If the red ball touches the bottom of the screen, you will lose a life.

    As you see, playing the game, all you have to do is to catch the red ball when it falls. It is too easy, right?


    The game is so easy to play that even kids can play it very well. However, it is not easy to win the game. The victory in this game is very difficult to reach. Some players have played it for a long time, but they still do not know how the end of the game is. Why is an old game like Atari breakout so hard?

    At the first time you play it, do not let the easy to understand and simple design confuse you about how difficult the game is.

    As I said above, your mission in the game is to make the red ball bounce around the screen and then catch it when it falls onto the bottom of the screen. If it is only catching, the mission is so easy, but there are many factors that influence on your result.


    First, the speed of the red ball is sometimes so surprising. You can guess how and where it will fall so it is very difficult to catch the ball. Additionally, there are only three turns for you to try again, so you have to be so attentive not to make such a small mistake. Moreover, the way you catch the red ball can decide how the ball bounce in the next flight.

    Besides, there are impediments hindering you. They are the metal blocks. If the usual blocks are touched by the red ball, it will fall down to the bottom of the screen and disappear, but he metal blocks will not be influenced. It still stays there hindering you in the following flights. Furthermore, if the red ball touches the metal blocks, the ball’s flying way will change. This makes it harder for you to guess where the ball will fall to catch it.

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